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Loan Management, Credit Analytics, Anti-Fraud & Risk-Management

Our Smart Lending solution allows financial institutions grow their business while managing risk.

Our end-to-end retail banking and SME risk-management solution helps retail banks and SMEs streamline their loan businesses, improve their credit analytics, reduce delinquency risk and enhance post-lending performance.


Anti Fraud 

  • Detects and blocks loan application fraud using the anti-fraud algorithms, device fingerprinting tools and blacklist databases
  • Generates credit risk assessments using our SME data and anti-fraud rule database that have been tailored for specific financial products and business scenarios
  • Uses fraud scorecards to assess loan applications for fraud

Credit Analysis

  •  Leverages specialized SME data and algorithms to evaluate credit and fraud risks for SME loan products
  • Process data, assess credit risk and assist with credit decision making for retail banking customers and SMEs
  • Allows financial institutions  offer compelling digital propositions in SME lending, featuring dramatically shorter approval and disbursement times—a key factor for customers when choosing a lender 
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