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Why OneConnect?

Financial Technology

Your Trusted Fintech Partner

Our products are proven at large scale to create enormous value for our financial institution customers

Our innovative solutions are based on extensive industry expertise, driven by customer insight and tested in large-scale real world applications. We deliver enormous value to financial institutions in their digital transformations:

Generating New Revenue

Our advanced technology enables China’s financial institutions to expand into new markets, such as serving retail and SME customers, that were difficult for them to address using their traditional models. We have used our proprietary Blockchain technology to build a network that connects SMEs with financial institutions, companies along the supply chain, government agencies and various third-party service providers. Through SMEs’ interactions with this network and the application of our data analytics, the creditworthiness of these SMEs becomes more transparent. We also provide an end-to-end, online-to-offline operations platform for financial institutions to serve large numbers of SME customers cost-effectively.

Improving Sales Productivity

We provide solutions that enable financial institutions to better understand their customer’ needs and tailor their sales efforts to improve productivity. Our AI-empowered sales force management tool, or SAT, enables financial institution sales representatives and agents to engage with their customers through social media, to close sales with on-site visits, and to provide any-time-any-where service with AI-assisted phone calls and text messages.

Managing Risks

Our solutions enable financial institutions to automate their credit assessment process and manage risk more effectively. For example, our retail risk management solution provides financial institutions with tools for anti-fraud, credit analytics and decisioning, and post-lending monitoring, as well as a credit management system.

Enhancing Service Quality

We deliver convenient and proven products that customers can use right out of the box.

Reducing Costs

Our solutions help customers reduce costs and optimize efficiency by eliminating manual operations through automation and digitalization of business operations.

Advanced Technologies

We possess well-tested, advanced technologies as well as the capability to gather statistics and analytics to fine-tune fintech solutions that are targeted towards clients’ specific business requirements.

Strict Data Privacy Policy

We observe strict adherence to data privacy for all individuals. We respect the privacy of our clients with regards to any form of data. We are committed to securing and protecting the data that belongs to our employees, our customers, our vendors and any other parties that we have established business relationships with. We ensure that data is protected and governed in accordance with all relevant data protection regulations. In addition, we are continuously improving our employees’ awareness of data privacy, protection and security requirements.

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A Leader in the Fintech Sector

Leveraging Ping An Group’s prowess as one of the largest financial services companies in the world as well as the group’s pioneering foray into financial technology and the development of a strong suite of digital technologies, OneConnect has emerged in the forefront of the fintech industry with many advanced solutions.

At OneConnect, we have a young, dynamic team of risk-takers. With our passion for fintech and appetite for exhilarating challenges, we are constantly in search of fresh, creative ideas to deliver the next revolutionary fintech solution.

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