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OneCosmo: One Stop Omni Platform for All-In Digital Banking Solutions


The Best of SaaS & Cloud Hosted World Class Technology Solutions
Why choose one when you can have both? Deciding on a technology solution has never been easier.

OneCosmo is a one stop omni platform with full length & breadth of products for your digital banking needs.
Fast . Flexible . Seamless


Core Banking (SaaS)

World Class Micro-Services Architecture used by more than 50 million Banking Customers worldwide.
Create the best digital experiences and products regardless of whether you are building a new banking solution or dealing with legacy technology.

One Stop Omni Platform for All-In Digital Banking Solution

  • Savings and deposit accounts
  • Payments – Cards, Wallets
  • Lending
  • Digital Channels & eKYC

Quick Deployment, Onboarding & Testing

  • 80+ services in production
  • 400+ monthly deploys
  • Onboarding in matter of weeks

Real-Time Data Streaming at Hyperscale

  • Real-time data streaming for close to 300 business events
  • Connecting to real time data for marketing, client retention and risk monitoring
  • Hyperscale: 50+ million accounts

Strong Presence in SEA

  • With deep expertise in servicing 27+ customers in SEA
  • 12 Top Local Banks
  • 3 Top SEA Regional Banks
  • 20+ Other Customers in Asia & UAE

    Volume Based Pricing

    • Pay per client

    Ease of Integration

    • Proven integration capabilities across APIs, micro-services, customers’ own platform and 3rd party service providers



    Cards Payments

    Issuing Cards Have Never Been This Simple! Trusted by more than 50 Million Banking Customers Worldwide
    Take advantage of our fully featured platform for Visa, Mastercard and private labels to issue credit, debit and pre-paid cards. Issue plastic cards, virtual cards and one-time cards for specific merchants and transactions.

    One Stop for all kinds of CARDS & Digital Banking Solutions

    • Debit, Credit, Pre-Paid, Combo Cards, Plastic Cards, One-Time Cards
    • Virtual – Digital card with fixed PAN and Dynamic CVV
    • Visa & Mastercard Integration
    • Zero Balance Network Integration
    • One stop omni platform for core banking, lending and

    End to end Life Cycle Management

    • Billing, refinancing, revolving credit, and renegotiations
    • Online dispute management so your users can do everything from their apps
    • Full CRM capabilities with our APIs


    Instant Issuance

    • Open API-driven card issuing infrastructure
    • Instant issuance of credit, debit, pre-paid, white-label cards and private label cards
    • Instant virtual card creation with flexible expiration

    Real-Time Visibility for Transactions & Spending Controls

    • Dynamic spending controls per MCC, customer, card and more
    • Real-time timeline data. Extensive data streaming, in real
      time or in daily files

    Volume Based Pricing

    • Pay Per Client



    Fully Certfied for Major Embossers & Wallets

    • Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay wallets
    • Fraud prevention integration with best solutions worldwide
    • Embossers Ecosystem: JallCard, Gemalto (Thales), Alterosa, EM1, Idemia, Intelcav, Seshaasai



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